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Joy Chaudhuri is the sifu for Tempe Wing Chun students. The following instructors may assist Sifu Chaudhuri or teach on their own: Byron Schneid, Curtis Burton and Stephen Morton.

Under Sifu Chaudhuriís supervision, several advanced students may help with beginning studentsí questions. We try to make the atmosphere conducive to learning. Every attempt is made to pay attention to each studentís progress and needs.


Sifu Chaudhuri with instructors (from left) Stephen Morton, Byron Schneid and Curtis Burton.

Certification of Accomplishment in Wing Chun Gung Fu at Tempe Wing Chun

  • Kurt Saenz: Santa Fe, New Mexico | Ph 505-438-7248
  • Byron Schneid: Tempe, AZ | Ph 480.831.5970
  • Stephen Morton: Florida | Ph 941.348.7491 - sjmorton@gmail.com
  • Curtis Burton: Phoenix, AZ | Ph 480.250.3107
  • Dana Albert: Tempe, AZ
  • Joshua Santobianco: Ft Benning, Georgia | Ph 302.250.5930 - jsanto84@yahoo.com
  • Adult instruction is generally two hours. A class for minors, when available, lasts about one hour. Very young children are generally not ready for Wing Chun. Sifu Chaudhuri also may be available for private lessons.

    For Tempe Wing Chun schedule information and membership details, contact Sifu Chaudhuri at joy.chaudhuri@tempewingchun.com



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